Sergei Yesenin

Secret World, Old World Of Mine

Secret world, old world of mine, Windlike, you crouch expectant and still. Look, the stone arms of the highway Squeeze the village's neck - to kill. Hither, thither the powers of terror Over the snowbound country race. Hello, you there, my black destroyer, I go to meet you face to face! City, city, you fight us savagely, Christen us carrion, call us dirt. The fields grow chillier in dumb anguish As telegraph poles transfix the earth. The devil's neck has wiry muscles, It easily bears ·the iron road. So what? We've had our noses busted Before and we have reeled from blows. Though for the heart it's excruciating, This is а song of wild-beast rights!... ...Hunters enjoy t o g o wolf-chasing Just like this, as the noose draws tight. The wild beast crouches... In deep ambush Somebody а trigger will press... А sudden leap... The two-legged enemy ls savaged as fierce fangs rip his chest. Hail, beast! My love for you is unbounded. Not in vain you leap at the knife. I, like you, on all sides hounded, Among iron enemies go through life. I, like you, am ever in readiness. Hearing the horn sound my defeat, I still go for the blood of my enemies With а final, fatal leap. Though in the field of snow I tumble And а deep grave-hole in it bore... Yet а song to avenge my destruction Will be sung on that other shore.

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