Sergei Yesenin

Evening's Knitted Dark Eyebrows In Chagrin

Evening's knitted dark eyebrows in chagrin, Someone's horses are by palisade. Isn't it you I've just given up lovin'? Isn't it lately I've drunk youth away? Overdue horses, don't you snort, waiting! Life has galloped by without trace. If for keeps, on a hospital bedstead In the morning I'll be assuaged. If I'll leave ere long, cured forever, To enjoy songs of lilacs and rains In a totally different manner, - What a man in good health ought to sense. I'll forever forget the dark spirits Whereby I have been maimed and upset. A sweet image, a lovely image! 'tis but you I will never forget. May I love, in the future, another, Only with her, another heartbeat, I will tell her about you, beloved, Whom I used to address as my sweet. I will tell her about our bygone Life, which wasn't at all bygone then... Wretched head mine, daredevil mine head, Whereabouts have you had me led?

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