Sylvia Plath


No use whistling for Lyonnesse! Sea-cold, sea-cold it certainly is. Take a look at the white, high berg on his forehead- There's where it sunk. The blue, green, Gray, indeterminate gilt Sea of his eyes washing over it And a round bubble Popping upward from the mouths of bells People and cows. The Lyonians had always thought Heaven would be something else, But with the same faces, The same places... It was not a shock- The clear, green, quite breathable atmosphere, Cold grits underfoot, And the spidery water-dazzle on field and street. It never occurred that they had been forgot, That the big God Had lazily closed one eye and let them slip Over the English cliff and under so much history! They did not see him smile, Turn, like an animal, In his cage of ether, his cage of stars. He'd had so many wars! The white gape of his mind was the real Tabula Rasa.

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