William Wordsworth

Among All Lovely Things My Love Had Been

Among all lovely things my Love had been; Had noted well the stars, all flowers that grew About her home; but she had never seen A glow-worm, never one, and this I knew. While riding near her home one stormy night A single glow-worm did I chance to espy; I gave a fervent welcome to the sight, And from my horse I leapt; great joy had I. Upon a leaf the glow-worm did I lay, To bear it with me through the stormy night: And, as before, it shone without dismay; Albeit putting forth a fainter light. When to the dwelling of my Love I came, I went into the orchard quietly; And left the glow-worm, blessing it by name, Laid safely by itself, beneath a tree. The whole next day, I hoped, and hoped with fear; At night the glow-worm shone beneath the tree; I led my Lucy to the spot, "Look here," Oh! joy it was for her, and joy for me!

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