William Wordsworth

Lines On The Expected Invasion

COME ye--who, if (which Heaven avert!) the Land Were with herself at strife, would take your stand, Like gallant Falkland, by the Monarch's side, And, like Montrose, make Loyalty your pride-- Come ye--who, not less zealous, might display Banners at enmity with regal sway, And, like the Pyms and Miltons of that day, Think that a State would live in sounder health If Kingship bowed its head to Commonwealth-- Ye too--whom no discreditable fear Would keep, perhaps with many a fruitless tear, Uncertain what to choose and how to steer-- And ye--who might mistake for sober sense And wise reserve the plea of indolence-- Come ye--whate'er your creed--O waken all, Whate'er your temper, at your Country's call; Resolving (this a free-born Nation can) To have one Soul, and perish to a man, Or save this honoured Land from every Lord But British reason and the British sword.

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