William Wordsworth

George And Sarah Green

WHO weeps for strangers? Many wept For George and Sarah Green; Wept for that pair's unhappy fate, Whose grave may here be seen. By night, upon these stormy fells, Did wife and husband roam; Six little ones at home had left, And could not find that home. For 'any' dwelling-place of man As vainly did they seek. He perish'd; and a voice was heard-- The widow's lonely shriek. Not many steps, and she was left A body without life-- A few short steps were the chain that bound The husband to the wife. Now do those sternly-featured hills Look gently on this grave; And quiet now are the depths of air, As a sea without a wave. But deeper lies the heart of peace In quiet more profound; The heart of quietness is here Within this churchyard bound. And from all agony of mind It keeps them safe, and far From fear and grief, and from all need Of sun or guiding star. O darkness of the grave! how deep, After that living night-- That last and dreary living one Of sorrow and affright? O sacred marriage-bed of death, That keeps them side by side In bond of peace, in bond of love, That may not be untied!

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