William Wordsworth

Siege Of Vienna Raised By Jihn Sobieski

FEBRUARY 1816 OH, for a kindling touch from that pure flame Which ministered, erewhile, to a sacrifice Of gratitude, beneath Italian skies, In words like these: 'Up, Voice of song! proclaim 'Thy saintly rapture with celestial aim: 'For lo! the Imperial City stands released 'From bondage threatened by the embattled East, 'And Christendom respires; from guilt and shame 'Redeemed, from miserable fear set free 'By one day's feat, one mighty victory. '--Chant the Deliverer's praise in every tongue! 'The cross shall spread, the crescent hath waxed dim; 'He conquering, as in joyful Heaven is sung, 'HE CONQUERING THROUGH GOD, AND GOD BY HIM.'

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