Lord Byron

Stanzas Written In Passing The Ambracian Gulf

Through cloudless skies, in silvery sheen, Full beams the moon on Actium’s coast: And on these waves for Egypt’s queen, The ancient world was won and lost. And now upon the scene I look, The azure grave of many a Roman; Where stem Ambition once forsook His wavering crown to follow woman. Florence! whom I will love as well As ever yet was said or sung (Since Orpheus sang his spouse from hell), Whilst thou art fair and I am young; Sweet Florence! those were pleasant times; When worlds were staked for ladies’ Had bards as many realms as rhymes; Thy charms might raise new Antonies. Though Fate forbids such things to be Yet, by thine eyes and ringlets curl’d! I cannot lose a world for thee, But would not lose thee for a world.

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