Shel Silverstein

I Call That True Love

You gotta wake up every mornin', tip toe in the kitchen cook me great T-bone steak Serve it to me in bed go down the street and hustle bring me back all the money you make You gotta rub my body with sweet scented oil, cool me with a 'lectric fan Run to the church fall down on your knees say 'Lord I wanna thank you for that man' And I'll call that true love, true and sweet That ain't the kind of love I'm gettin but baby that's the kind of love I need I wanna come home every evenin' to a great big meal of wine and roasted pheasant Say to me 'Shel this is Susy, this is Nell, I brought 'em both home to you for a present' Cops bust in and find my stash, you gotta tell 'em it belongs to you And when you're sittin' in slam tell all the other chickies when they get out They should look me up too And I call that true love...(...) Some guy accuses me of foolin' with his wife and threatens to tear me apart Points a gun at me, I want you to jump in the middle and take the bullet in your own heart And as you're lyin' on the floor and dyin', I want you to look up at me and say 'Shel I'm sorry I messed up the rug, just roll my body out of the way' And I call that true love,...(...) Movie people call you on the telephone I want you to turn down the part And when we're ballin' baby, ride my top So I never strain my heart And I call that true love...(...)

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