Shel Silverstein


Clarence Lee from Tennessee Loved the commercials he saw on TV. He watched with wide believing eyes And bought everything they advertised -- Cream to make his skin feel better Spray to make his hair look wetter Bleach to make his white things whiter Stylish jeans that fit much tighter. Toothpaste for his cavities, Powder for his doggie's fleas, Purple mouthwash for his breath, Deodorant to stop his sweat. He bought each cereal they presented, Bought each game that they invented. Then one day he looked and saw 'A brand-new Maw, a better Paw! New, improved in every way -- Hurry, order yours today!' So, of course, our little Clarence Sent off for two brand-new parents. The new ones cam in the morning mail, The old ones he sold at a garage sale. And now they all are doing fine: His new folks treat him sweet and kind, His old ones work in an old coal mine. So if your Maw and Paw are mean, And make you eat your lima beans And make you wash and make you wait And never let you stay up late And scream and scold and preach and pout, That simply means they're wearing out. So send off for two brand-new parents And you'll be happy as little Clarence.

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