Shel Silverstein

Son Of A Scoundrel

Big Barney Fitch, he got soddenly rich He got a big fancy house in Melbourne With buckets of loot and big black leather boots Acting so haughty and well-born But we of Australia, we're children of convicts And some of us wear it quite proudly So as he rides by in his carriage so fine I wave and I call to him loudly Refrain: Was your grandma a whore, was your grandpa a thief Were they forgers and grafters who fell to their grief If you're born of Australia, I know who ya be You're the son of a son of a scoundrel like me Maggie McKay's got a sweet-lovin' way And I know that she does adore me But her parents, they feel it would be a bad deal They say that she's much too good for me So as we said goodbye, with a tear in her eye They were smiling and glad of the breakin' But they didn't look so proud when I shouted out loud 'Til the whole floggin' town was awakened Refrain Madam Marie loves the men from the sea She says that they're good for business Her daughters are found in a section of town Known for a certain rudeness Then the cops paid a call, and the judge says, 'That's all It's time for a new profession' Marie laughed out loud, and in front of the crowd Says, 'Judge, will you answer this question' Refrain

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