Shel Silverstein

Kick It Again

So you heard there was a spark of love that I have for you You come back to kill it like you always do You found it weak and tremblin' hangin' on just by a thread And you kicked it choke it stepped on it and broke it left it half to death Kick it again it's still breathing Kick it again I think I seen it move just a little bitty Kick it again it's still living So kick it again and then again and then you'll kill my love for you [ harmonica - guitar ] You're gonna have to do much more this time than a-make it crawl A cheatin' on it doesn't seem to work at all And it won't do no good to try to shame it to death Cause it's raspin' gaspin' crawlin' callin' to you with each dying breath Kick it again it's still breathing...

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