Shel Silverstein

She’s My Ever Lovin’ Machine

Hey boys you know once I was took in by a girl with a twinkly eye And the first time that I wasn't lookin' she run off with a handsomer guy oh my But I'm an ingenious feller yeah as soon as my brain got uncurled I tiptoed right down to my cellar and I built a mechanical girl Oh her arms are iron her legs are steel her hips are on wires attached to a wheel And her spine is a coil that I now and then oil she's my ever-lovin' machine She has no trouble making her mind up for I did not give her a mind And her heart is a clock that I wind up so I know that she'll love me in time Oh she never complains when I stay out all night she never complains I'm not rich And each time I want her to cuddle me tight I simply turn on her switch Oh her arms are iron... My love is completely electric and she gives me a shock with each hug And when the romance gets too hectic I simply pull out the plug Oh she always did what she was supposed ter right up to this evening but then She had an affair with the toaster and they ran off and left me again

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