Shel Silverstein

Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh

Never bite a married woman on the thigh oh my Cause she just can't rub it off no matter how she'll try And when she gets home at night her man will ask her why Then she'll say it's just a birthmark or some other silly lie But he'll get suspicious and then he will start to pry Then she'll get hysterical and she will start to cry And he'll say I don't blame you but tell me who's the guy So she'll admit to everything and he will say bye-bye And he'll buy an airline ticket and he'll fly across the sky And then he'll come and find you and he'll punch you in the eye Then he'll rent a cheap hotel room and he'll hang himself with his tie And when she gets the news she'll take an overdose of sleeping Tablets and she's gonna lie on the couch and die So never never never never never never never bite a married woman on the thigh

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