Shel Silverstein

Stacy Brown Got Two

Did you hear bout Stacy brown (no we didn't but we'd like to) He had every chick in town (no he didn't but he tried to) He had looks he had class do anything to get a little lass And everyone would shout at him when he walks his girlies past They said everybody got one (everybody got one) Everybody got one (everybody got one) Stacy brown got two (oooh) Do you know the reason for his success (no we don't so tell us) They say that he was double blessed (not like you fellas) They say that Stacy Brown was born just a little bit deformed Still his girl friends they all wake up smilin' every morn Singin' everybody got one... [ guitar ] Why they're climbin' up the wall (just to get to Stacy) Young ones run and old ones crawl (he drives us crazy) He got two and that's a fact but no one knows where the other one's at On his elbow on his knee or underneath his hat Singin' everybody got one... He got two I tell you truth it's a fact no I ain't seen her but no I mean it's a fact Well that's what my old lady told me No I don't I don't why she knows how did she know Maybe somebody told her huh gossip maybe it's gossip how did she know Maybe just seems like two I wanna talk to that woman

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