Shel Silverstein

Lookin’ For Myself

You may be lookin' for me but I ain't lookin' for you I'm still lookin' for myself and I ain't got time to look for nobody else When I found who I am and where I am And if you come round again maybe then baby maybe then You wanna follow me but honey can't you see I don't know where the hell I'm goin' How can I know your mind when I don't even know my own Now when the road gets tough or when I get enough Or maybe when I reach the end maybe then baby maybe then So stick around or go away whichever one you choose You ain't got a single thing that I think I can use And you and I ain't shared a thing that I'm afraid to lose You say that you love me but I don't love you I love someone I never seen as she lives in a place that I never been When I realize it's all in my eyes Just one great big patent maybe then maybe then Maybe then maybe then maybe then but I won't say when Maybe then baby maybe then

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