Shel Silverstein


Ain't the snow fallin' just a bit deeper these days Aren't they building the stairs a bit steeper these days And the town's really changin' in so many ways time time time The young folks they're growin' exceptionally tall And the newspaper print it's becomin' quite small And folks speak so softly you can hardly hear at all time time time The jokes don't seem as witty as the old jokes once were And the girls are half as pretty as I remember her And today you know in the park a young man called me sir time time time Yeah I'm not quite as anxious for fame or success And my eye finds the girl in the plain quiet dress And I cling a bit longer to each warm caress time time time So I breathe a bit heavy when I climb a hill What of it my life now is really much more fulfilled But they're tearin' down the building that I watched them build Time time time time time time

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