Shel Silverstein

Drain My Brain

Unwind my mind oh baby drain my brain Unscrew my head take a part of my heart Scrape away the pain and start all over again I tell you baby I don't understand just how you can make love to me While you're lookin' at the picture of another man You got me talkin' to my elbow climbin' up the wall First you tell me you despise me then you say you idolize me Then you tell me you can't use me at all Unwind my mind... [ guitar ] Unwind my mind... I tell you baby I just can't go on The hung up way that we're livin' while I'm doin' all the givin' You keep on callin' me John First you messin' with Charlie and then you jivin' with Jim And I know you need a father but I really can't bother Bein' all those other guys plus him Unwind my mind... Unwind my mind settle my spine yeah unroll my soul yeah

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