Shel Silverstein

Lydia Pinkham

CHORUS We'll drink a drink adrink To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink, The savior of The human ra-a-ace! She invented Medicinal Compound Most efficacious In every case. Now here's a story A little bit gory, A little bit happy, A little bit sa-a-ad, Of Lily the Pink and Her Medicinal Compound And how it drove Her to the bad. Oh, Ebeneezer thought - weird scansion, I know He was Julius Caesar, And so they put him in a ho-ho-home. Till they gave him Medicinal Compound, And now he's Em- Peror of Rome. CHORUS Oh, Domingo, The opera singer, Could break glasses with his voice, they said. He rubbed his tonsils With Medicinal Compound, And now they break glass- Es over his head. Uncle Paul, he Was very small, he Was the shortest man in tow-ow-own. He rubbed his body With Medicinal Compound, And now he weighs just Half a pound. CHORUS Jimmy Hammer Had a t-t-t-terrible st-stammer, He c-could hardly s-s-say a w-wo- a wo- a wo-o-ord. Till he took some Medicinal C-c-c-compound, And now he's seen, But never heard. Lily died, Went up to Heaven, All the church bells they did ri-i-ing. She took with her Medicinal Compound: Hark, the Herald Angels sing! CHORUS For the record, Lydia Pinkham's Medicinal Compound was a concoction sold in drugstores some years ago which was about 97% alcohol and advertized itself as being able to cure practically anything. I believe this song was written by Shel Silverstein

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