Shel Silverstein

Hoodoo Voodoo Lady

Yeah hoodoo voodoo lady cast up your voodoo vision Let me know where did my baby go where did my lovin' baby go Hoodoo voodoo lady shake your black cat tooth and your mojo bone And bring my baby home bring my baby back home yeah I know she didn't go up to New York City She thinks that New York City is a little too pretty I know she didn't go to sunny California For she thinks that California is a little too phoney I don't think she went up to north Alaska She'd've told me cept I might forgot to ask her And I don't think she went to east St Louis But she might've gone to China for a little Chop Suey Wherever she is I'm gonna run right there with you just tell me where Hoodoo voodoo lady make me a doll that I can stick with pins So that I can win my baby back again (Yeah c'mon do somethin' weird and mystical...) [ guitar ] Yeah I don't think I'll find her in the Okefenokee Cause the Okefenokee is too wet and smoky And I don't think I'll find her up in Mississippi She may be crazy but she ain't that flippy And she might've seen her sister in Amarillo And she might've gone to Philly just to see another feller She might be drillin' oil in North Dakota Might have gone to Iceland for an icecream soda But I gotta get her back if I'm gonna get well so cast your spell Voodoo hoodoo lady mix me a potion hot bubbly and black That I can sprinkle on her crack and maybe bring my baby back (Hoodoo voodoo lady let me know where did that woman of mine go)

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