Henry Lawson

On Looking Through An Old Punishment Book

at Eurunderee School

I took the book of punishment, And ran its columns down; I started with an open brow And ended with a frown; I noted long-forgotten names – They took me unaware; I noted old familiar names. But my names wasn’t there! I thought of what I might have been, And Oh! My heart was pained To find, of all the scholars there, That I was never caned! I thought of wasted childhood hours, And a tear rolled down my cheek – I must have been a model boy, Which means a little sneak! Oh, give me back my youth again! Doc Faustus used to say – I only wish the Powers could give My boyhood for a day, A model boy! Beloved of girls! Despised by boys and men! But it comforts me to think that I’ve Made up for it since then.

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