Henry Lawson

The Patriotic League

Behold! the biased foes of Right Are conscious of their danger, They’re startled by the dawning light, So very long a stranger. And fearing for their rotting laws Whose reign is nearly ended To study out the People’s cause At last they’ve condescended. And this they call the ‘People’s Cause’, Why this is insurrection! They would revoke the very laws We made for our protection! An equal right with us they claim! They’ll rob us by and by, sir! We’ll form a league and steal a name And tell another lie, sir. They took to gloss a base intrigue A name that was demotic. They stole a name and formed a league And called it Patriotic. They’ve resurrected ancient lies The world had most forgotten The liars think the world will rise To back a Cause that’s rotten. I know their creed, and know it well, Too mean are its creators To hope for heaven, or fear the hell They’d make for agitators. Old as the hills and quite as dense Though shaking like a jelly. Time honoured to magnificence, Religion of the Belly!

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