Henry Lawson

To The Irish Delegates

Farewell! The gold we send shall be a token Of that which in our hearts is growing strong; You asked our sympathy, and we have spoken They wrong us who our brothers rob and wrong. Tell Ireland tell her in her desolation, That hearts within the South for her have bled That scalding tears of helpless indignation By eyes that read her cruel wrongs are shed. Helpless no more! but strong to act hereafter, For silenced arc the loyal subjects’ sneers Too long have Ireland’s wrongs been words of laughter Arch-mockery to tickle British ears. Tell Ireland that they lie of us they slander, Who say we care not for another’s wrong; For we are not the men to kneel and pander To tyranny, because the tyrant’s strong. Take back across the waves Australia’s message, And say our hearts are big, and strong our hands, Tell Ireland that for her is surest presage Of fate as fair as of these Southern lands.

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