Robert Burns

Blyth Will an' Bessie's Wedding

There was a weddin' o'er in Fife, An' mony ane frae Lothian at it; Jean Vernor there maist lost hir life, For love o' Jamie Howden at it. Blyth Will an' Bessie's wedding', Blyth Will an' Bessie's wedding', Had I been Will, Bess had been mine, An 'Bess an' I had made the weddin'. Right sair she grat, an' wet her cheeks, An naithing pleas'd that we could gie her; She tint her heart in Jeamie's breeks, It cam nae back to Lothian wi' her. (Tam)mie Tamson too was there, Maggie Birnie was his dearie, He pat it in amang the hair, An' puddled there till he was weary. When e'enin' cam the town was thrang, An' beds were no to get for siller; When e'er they fand a want o'room, They lay in pairs like bread an' butter. Twa an' twa they made the bed, An twa an' twa they lay the gither; When they had na room enough, Ilk ane lap on aboon the tither.

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