Robert Burns

Duncan Gray

Can ye play me Duncan Gray, Ha, ha, the girdin' o't; O'er the hills an' far awa, Ha, ha, ha, the girdin' o't, Duncan came our Meg to woo, Meg was nice an' wadna do, But like an ither puff'd an' blew At offer o'the girdin' o't. Duncan, he cam here again, Ha, ha, the girdin' o't, A' was out, an' Meg her lane, Ha,ha,ha the girdin o't; He kiss'd her butt, he kiss'd her ben, He bang'd a thing against her wame; But, troth, I now forget its name, But, I trow, she gat the girdin' o't. She took him to the cellar then, Ha, ha the girdin' o't, To see gif he could do't again, Ha,ha,ha, the girdin' o't; He kiss'd her ance, he kiss'd her twice, An' by the bye he kiss'd her thrice Till deil a mair the thing wad rise To gie her the long girdin' o't. But Duncan took her to his wife, Ha, ha, the girdin o't, To be the comfort o' his life, Ha, ha, ha the girdin' o't; An' now she scauls baith night an' day, Except when Duncan's at the play; An' that's as seldom as he may, He's weary o' the girdin' o't.

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