Robert Burns

Highland Laddie

written in 1796

SHE The bonniest lad that e'er I saw, Bonie laddie, Highland laddie, Wore a plaid and was fu' braw, Bonie Highland laddie. On his head a bonnet blue - Bonie laddie, Highland laddie, His royal heart was firm and true, Bonie Highland laddie. HE Trumpets sound and cannons roar, Bonie lassie, Lawland lassie, And a' the hills wi' echoes roar, Bonie Lawland lassie. Glory, Honour, now invite Bonie lassie, Lawland lassie, For freedom and my King to fight, Bonie Lawland lassie. SHE The sun a backward course shall take, Bonie laddie, Highland laddie, Ere ought thy manly courage shake; Bonie Highland laddie. Go, for yoursel procure renown, Bonie laddie, Highland laddie, And for your lawful King his crown, Bonie Highland laddie.

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