Robert Burns

English Song

written in 1793

Husband, husband, cease your strife, Nor longer idly rave, Sir: Tho' I am your wedded wife, Yet I am not your slave, Sir. 'One of two must still obey, 'Nancy, Nancy; 'Is it Man or Woman, say, 'My Spouse Nancy.' If 'tis still the lordly word, Service and obedience; I'll desert my Sov'reign lord, And so, good b'ye, Allegiance! 'Sad will I be, so bereft, 'Nancy, Nancy; 'Yet I'll try to make a shift, 'My Spouse Nancy.' My poor heart then break it must, My last hour I am near it: When you lay men in the dust, Think how you will bear it. 'I will hope and trust in Heaven, 'Nancy, Nancy; 'Strength to bear it will be given, 'My Spouse Nancy.' Well, Sir, from the silent dead, Still I'll try to daunt you; Ever round your midnight bed Horrid sprites shall haunt you. 'I'll wed another, like my Dear, 'Nancy, Nancy; 'Then all hell will fly for fear, 'My Spouse, Nancy.'

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