Robert Burns

Bonie Dundee

written in 1787

O Whar gat ye that hauver-meal bannock? O Silly blind body. O dinna ye see? I gat it frae a young, brisk sodger laddie, Between Saint Johnston and bonie Dundee. O gin I saw the laddie that gae me't! Aft has he doudl'd me up on his knee: May heav'n protect my bonie Scots laddie, And send him safe hame to his babie and me! My blessins upon they sweet, wee lippie! My blessins upon they bonie e'e brie! Thy smiles are sae like my blyth Sodger laddie, Thou's ay the dearer, and dearer to me! But I'll big a bow'r on yon bonie banks, Whare Tay rins wimplin by sae clear, And I'll cleed thee in the tartan sae fine, And mak thee a man like thy dadie dear.

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