Robert Burns

To Symon Gray

written in 1787

Symon Gray, You're dull today. Dulness, with redoubted sway, Has seized the wits of Symon Gray. Dear Cimon Gray, The other day, When you sent me some rhyme, I could not then just ascertain Its worth, for want of time. But now today, good Mr. Gray, I've read it o'er and o'er, Tried all my skill, but find I'm still Just where I was before. We auld wives' minions gie our opinions, Solicited or no; Then of its fau'ts my honest thoughts I'll give - and here they go. Such d-'d bombast no time that's past Will show, or time to come, So, Cimon dear, your song I'll tear, And with it wipe my bum.

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