Robert Burns

Wha the Deil can hinder the wind to blaw?

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It fell about the blythe new-year, When days are short and nights are lang, Ae bonie night, the starns were clear, An' frost beneath my fit-stead rang; I heard a carlin cry, "relief!" Atweesh her trams a birkie lay; But he wan a quarter in her beef, For a' the jirts the carlin gae. She heav'd to; and he strak frae, As he wad nail'd the carlin thro'; An' ilka fart the carlin gae, It wad hae fill'd a pockie fou; Temper your tail, the young man cried, Temper your tail by Venus' Law! Double your dunts, the dame replied, Wha the deil can hinder the wind to blaw?

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