Robert Burns

Duncan Macleerie

Duncan Macleerie and Janet his wife, They gaed to Kilmarnock to buy a new knife; But instead of a knife they coft but a bleerie; We're very weel saird, quo' Duncan Macleerie. Duncan Macleerie has got a new fiddle, It's a' strung wi' hair, and a hole in the middle; An' ay when he plays on't, his wife looks sae cheary, Very weel done, Duncan, quo' Janet Macleerie. Duncan he play'd till his bow it grew greasy; Janet grew fretfu', and unco uneasy. Hoot, quo' she, Duncan, ye're unco soon weary; Play us a pibroch, quo' Janet Macleerie. Duncan Macleerie play'd on the harp, An' Janet Macleerie danc'd in her sark; Her sark it was short, her cunt it was hairy, Very weel danc'd, Janet, quo' Duncan Macleerie.

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