Emily Dickinson

Better than Music! For I who Heard It

poem 503

Better than Music! For I who heard it I was used to the Birds before This was different ’Twas Translation Of all tunes I knew and more ‘Twasn’t contained like other stanza No one could play it the second time But the Composer perfect Mozart Perish with him that Keyless Rhyme! So Children told how Brooks in Eden Bubbled a better Melody Quaintly infer Eve’s great surrender Urging the feet that would not fly Children matured are wiser mostly Eden a legend dimly told Eve and the Anguish Grandame’s story But I was telling a tune I heard Not such a strain the Church baptizes When the last Saint goes up the Aisles Not such a stanza splits the silence When the Redemption strikes her Bells Let me not spill its smallest cadence Humming for promise when alone Humming until my faint Rehearsal Drop into tune around the Throne

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