Emily Dickinson

I Am Ashamed i Hide

poem 473

I am ashamed I hide What right have I to be a Bride So late a Dowerless Girl Nowhere to hide my dazzled Face No one to teach me that new Grace Nor introduce my Soul Me to adorn How tell Trinket to make Me beautiful Fabrics of Cashmere Never a Gown of Dun more Raiment instead of Pompadour For Me My soul to wear Fingers to frame my Round Hair Oval as Feudal Ladies wore Far Fashions Fair Skill to hold my Brow like an Earl Plead like a Whippoorwill Prove like a Pearl Then, for Character Fashion My Spirit quaint white Quick like a Liquor Gay like Light Bring Me my best Pride No more ashamed No more to hide Meek let it be too proud for Pride Baptized this Day a Bride

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