Emily Dickinson

Her Sweet Turn To Leave The Homestead

poem 649

Her Sweet turn to leave the Homestead Came the Darker Way Carriages Be Sure and Guests too But for Holiday ‘Tis more pitiful Endeavor Than did Loaded Sea O’er the Curls attempt to caper It had cast away Never Bride had such Assembling Never kinsmen kneeled To salute so fair a Forehead Garland be indeed Fitter Feet of Her before us Than whatever Brow Art of Snow or Trick of Lily Possibly bestow Of Her Father Whoso ask Her He shall seek as high As the Palm that serve the Desert To obtain the Sky Distance be Her only Motion If ’tis Nay or Yes Acquiescence or Demurral Whosoever guess He must pass the Crystal Angle That obscure Her face He must have achieved in person Equal Paradise

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