Emily Dickinson

I Should Have Been Too Glad, I See

poem 313

I should have been too glad, I see Too lifted for the scant degree Of Life’s penurious Round My little Circuit would have shamed This new Circumference have blamed The homelier time behind. I should have been too saved I see Too rescued Fear too dim to me That I could spell the Prayer I knew so perfect yesterday That Scalding One Sabachthani Recited fluent here Earth would have been too much I see And Heaven not enough for me I should have had the Joy Without the Fear to justify The Palm without the Calvary So Savior Crucify Defeat whets Victory they say The Reefs in old Gethsemane Endear the Coast beyond! ‘Tis Beggars Banquets can define ‘Tis Parching vitalizes Wine Faith bleats to understand!

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